RIM confirmed the rumours of the BlackBerry 9300, now known as the Curve 3G, following the shifting nomenclature they've applied to the likes of the Pearl 3G.

BlackBerry fans won't have missed the fact that the Curve 8900 wasn't a 3G model, which wasn't a critical failing, but didn't make the most of the high resolution screen it possessed. 

The new Curve 3G brings fast network data to the mix, but the screen resolution drops down from the 8900's 480 x 360 pixels to the 3G's 320 x 240 pixels. The camera resolution is limited and there is no "flash" either, so the the Bold can still feel safe at the top of the BlackBerry bush.

It gets a design makeover similar to what we've seen in recent handsets like the Bold, Pearl 3G and the Curve 8520, with rubberised sides and back with covered shortcut keys.

The top, like the latter two devices just mentioned, gets media keys too, suggesting that the Curve 3G is going to pitched to consumers, in line with the revisions to forthcoming BlackBerry 6, which this device supports, but won't ship with quite yet.

The keyboard comes from the 8900 but without the movement - things feel tighter - and the optical trackpad appears, this time slightly raised from the surroundings.

Feast your eyes on our photo gallery, and await our full review, which will be coming along in the not too distant future.