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(Pocket-lint) - First it was the news that BlackBerry maker RIM had bought the domain name Blackpad.com, now rumours are surfacing that Research in Motion plans to launch a tablet computer in November under the same name.

According to Bloomberg, two people familiar with the company’s plans say BlackBerry will launch the BlackPad to take on the iPad later this year.

Although details are still thin on the ground, and nothing is of course confirmed by RIM, the sources believe that the device will sport a 9.7-inch screen (the same size as the iPad), and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth "that will allow people to connect to the Internet through their BlackBerry smartphones", the two people said.

Bloomberg, however, is reporting that "The device will not be able to connect directly to the cellular network the way some iPads can, the two people said".

There are no details about whether or not the new device will run on the company's new planned operating system, nor are there details about video cameras for conferencing or storage capacities, but we do have a supposed price:

"Pricing for the device will be in line with the iPad, which starts at $499, the person said. RIM is focused on reaping additional profits from the tablet effort, rather than competing on price to sell a large number of devices", the person said.

The leaks come as RIM plans to unveil a new BlackBerry handset on Tuesday 3 August in the US and the UK.

We will keep you posted.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.