Over in the States, RIM is busy sending out invites to an event that is to take place on 3 August at 10.30am in New York.

Well, unless the the numerous leaks of the BlackBerry 9800 (or the BlackBerry Bold 9800 or the BlackBerry Slider, or the BlackBerry Torch 9800) have been an elaborate red-herring, then we're pretty sure what is going to be revealed.

It is also likely that the BlackBerry Curve 9300 might get an official outing as well, and you can bet your better bottom dollar that RIM will be waxing lyrical about its BlackBerry 6 OS.

Speaking of BlackBerry 6, RIM has also just published the latest screenshots of the new home screen setup.

The home screen looks pretty familiar to anyone with RIM-experience but there are a number of cool new features.

There is now five different screens that you can switch between depending on what you're after: Frequent, with your most used apps; Favourites, for apps, websites and contacts; Media, Downloads and All.

blackberry 9800 to get official unveiling on 3 august  image 3

There are also quicker access menus for turning off various connection settings and setting alarm clocks as well as a message centre with all your recent contact data. 

blackberry 9800 to get official unveiling on 3 august  image 2

Taking its inspiration from Apple's Spotlight, there is now also a universal search bar that will help you find anything on your BlackBerry.

We'll be glad once the new BlackBerry line up and OS gets an official launch to be honest. There are more BlackBerry 9800 and 9300 leaks than in a Victorian public bathroom and RIM's little-at-a-time approach to BlackBerry 6 is getting a bit tedious.

So come on RIM - make some proper announcements and we can all move on.