By the time BlackBerry 6 gets here, we'll all be experts. We'll know it inside out. After all, it seems like RIM is feeding us small pieces of it at a time, and really dragging it out.

The latest details to be drip-fed to us are regarding the multimedia aspects of BlackBerry 6, which we have to say, look pretty swanky (and a bit Appley?).

First up, there's a new podcast app that RIM will hope rivals iTunes for searching and subscribing to both audio and video podcasts.

For your music there has been a shake up in the way BlackBerry's OS deals with album artwork. Using BlackBerry Sync album artwork is automatically added and you'll be able to flick through your albums with an iPod style artwork carousel. Words such as album titles and artist's names are also click-able so you can see other related tunes.

Video viewing on your BlackBerry has also been improved. You will be able to use a thumbnail view. You can choose to play the video in various different sizes and you can upload your own vids directly to YouTube. There's also a new video search function as well.

With the BlackBerry camera controls RIM says that it: "focused on perfecting the point and shoot experience". For this it has added a better on screen display with easier to select options and there will also be video shooting available as well.

RIM has also made it easier to get the latest media apps on your device. Simply search the App World from within the media player and you shouldn't miss out on the newest music, video or picture apps.

We're expecting to see BlackBerry 6 on RIM's new lineup - which we've reported on in the past - and it could also possibly appear on an upcoming RIM 7-inch tablet.

Some existing BlackBerry devices will also be able to upgrade to the new OS, although it hasn't been confirmed as of yet which ones. 

Are you a BlackBerry user? Is BlackBerry 6 a game-changer? Or is it an Apple RIM-off? Give us your first impressions of the new OS below.