RIM has announced that it will be offering the BlackBerry Protect app to its customers to add a bit of security to their BlackBerry handsets.

The app, which is along the same lines as Apple's "Find my Phone", allows users to access and remotely control their BlackBerry if it ever goes astray.

The app has a number of security features, including the ability to locate your BlackBerry on a map using its GPS. You can also remotely lock your phone and display a message on it when locked requesting its safe return.

blackberry protect keeping tabs on a wandering rim image 2

If your BlackBerry ends up in the hands of a filthy swine who refuses to return it to you, then you can also wipe all of the data stored on there.

The good news is though, that you can backup your data and also set it to auto-backup, so when you get your new BlackBerry you can restore it to how your old one was before it went walkabout.

There's also a loud ringer option where you can activate a loud ring on your phone from the control panel within a web browser. This is handy if you've lost your phone somewhere at home and left it on silent.

BlackBerry Protect is going to be available as an invite only beta download at first, through the BlackBerry Beta Zone in the next few days. You can sign up to be a member of the Beta Zone now if you haven't already.