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(Pocket-lint) - After yesterday's coverage of the official Twitter iPhone app, we thought it only fair that we bring you the latest with all things BlackBerry and Twitter. You may recall, that RIM released its own Twitter app last month - check out our first look here - and today it has released an update to the service.

New features include the option to quote tweets, which automatically puts quote marks around a tweet you want to share. This feature allows you to edit tweets, rather than just recycle retweets.

blackberry revamps its twitter app  image 2

There's also an auto-complete function that guesses who you are going to refer to from your user list when you type the @ sign followed by the first characters. Handy if you're bad at spelling. And, there's now an easier way to find your contacts using the "go to user" feature.

RIM has also added a security element that warns you if you're going to tweet out info that could be personal like a phone number or an email address. It also says it will stop people tweeting PIN numbers, but if anyone is daft enough to tweet their PIN number then they shouldn't really be allowed a BlackBerry in the first place.

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Picture wise, YFrog and TweetPhoto support has been added and although the BlackBerry Twitter app doesn't yet support geo-tagging, you can look at maps of geo-tagged tweets.

If you haven't got it already, get over to the BlackBerry App World Test Center and get involved. You'll need a BlackBerry with OS 4.5.0 or higher.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.