After what seems like months of waiting, Xobni (yes it's inbox spelt backwards) has launched their BlackBerry app for users of the RIM smartphones.

The new app, which will cost $9.99 with a further $3.99 subscription for those who wish to sync their data with their PC version, aims to make sense of your emails by bringing to light search and relationship relevance.

Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry will, like its Outlook brother, automatically create profiles for anyone you’ve communicated with, whilst offering up your contacts ranked in order of relevance.

Non-Outlook users receiving other emails on their BlackBerry smartphone (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Lotus Notes, etc.) will be able to use Xobni's data mining functionality on their BlackBerry smartphone by simply downloading the app without Xobni One.

These users will not get the benefit of the historic contacts locked up in Outlook, but Xobni will index emails on their BlackBerry smartphone at time of download and in the future.     

Xobni Mobile is currently compatible with the BlackBerry Tour and BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphones, as well as the BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm series smartphones.
Xobni's CEO has told Pocket-lint that it plans to bring the software to other platforms but refused to confirm which ones.

We will keep you posted.