A new handset from Canadian phone manufacturers RIM may be in the offing, if spy shots are to be believed. The images, dug up by BlackBerry fansite bbleaks.com, show a phone with a similar form factor to the BlackBerry Storm, but with a QWERTY keyboard that slides out at the bottom - Palm Pre-style.

There's the usual green, red, back and menu buttons, as well as what appears to be a light/proximity sensor next to the top speaker. In between the buttons is an optical trackpad. BBLeaks reckons that this could be the Storm 3, but others are suggesting that it could just be a prototype that may not make it to market.

If it does make it to market, it'll be interesting to see if it features OS 6.0 - the next version of the BlackBerry platform, which comes with a webkit browser, and - finally - fully functional GMail integration. We've contacted BlackBerry for further confirmation, and will update the post if we hear any more.