If you've got a BlackBerry you're putting in 10 more days of work a year over and above your non-BlackBerry touting colleagues according to new research out on Monday.

While the smartphone will let you grab your emails wherever you are that also means that you are working wherever you are and that, says the company that carried out the survey, isn't fair.

But it's not just the super long hours you are putting in each week, but the stress as well.

According to the survey carried out by Nectar Business, 24% of those who carried out the survey complained that they feel stressed because they are always on call with a further 22% compelled to read work emails over the weekend.

The survey didn't seem to ask whether or not those same people were busy tweeting and playing games from their smartphone during work time.

Nectar Business carried out the research to mark the launch of its 2010 Small Business Awards.