A new BlackBerry-flavoured rumour has emerged suggesting RIM is not planning on putting all its future eggs solely in the touchscreen basket.

While RIM's first touchscreen handset, the Storm, got mixed reviews for its click-touch screen, the second gen version, the Storm 2 (available now) is said to have a greatly improved touchscreen interface.

However, this maybe a step too far for many BlackBerry-using diehards who favour RIM's smartphones for their QWERTY keyboards.

If the rumours are to be believed, RIM is busy prepping a touchscreen slider that will offer consumers "the best of both worlds".

The rumour has gained pace with a recent research note from Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu who says the new handset, "resembles a cross between the Storm 2 and one of RIM's non-touch QWERTY devices".

"It's currently in the prototype stage and is likely to ship sometime in 2010", reports Electronista quoting Wu's research.