Bang & Olufsen and Samsung have officially launched Serenata, the new music mobile phone that we've previously brought you leaked news and images of.

Claiming to combine "superb sound quality with cutting edge mobile phone technology", the Serenata follows the previously launched Serene collaboration from the two companies.

The music focus is showcased through the built-in stereo loudspeaker system which boasts start-of-the-art technology that claims to deliver hi-fi quality sound.

The dedicated stereo EarSet 3 earphones give users another way to listen, or connecting the phone to a hi-fi as an auxiliary source is another option.

The ability to handle uncompressed lossless formats wil appeal to audiophiles, while the Serenata also handles playback in compressed formats including MP3, WMA, and AAC.

Offering an "organic rounded design" the styling and interface of the phone is unusual with a screen at the bottom, very few keys, click wheel navigation and sensi-touch technology.

The Serenta offers a 2.4-inch colour LCD display developed by Samsung, 3.5G, HSDPA connectivty and a 4GB memory capacity.

The phone will be exclusively available on Vodafone in the UK. Exact availability dates and pricing are to be confirmed.