It might not be official, but that hasn't stopped Pocket-lint getting a quick fondle with the new videophone from Skype and Asus at Skype's 5th birthday bash in London.

The new videophone, which is expected to be officially announced next week, will be hitting the shops in the UK at the end of September, Pocket-lint has learnt.

Asus jumped the gun on Thursday with an announcement before retracting the information, said the new Skype Certified videophone will offer unlimited video calling (from Skype) over the Internet for those not fussed about making calls from their computer.

The gun-metal grey coloured unit boasts a large 7-inch display and a built-in webcam, speaker and microphone to make calls to your friends around the world.

Called the ASUS AiGuru SV1, the unit will connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and is Skype's first foray with a partner into the videophone category away from the PC.

Expected to cost around £199.95, it will come with an AC Adaptor as well as the ability to run from battery. Asus are claiming that the SV1 will offer 20 minutes of talk time and 30 minutes of standby on a single charge.