If you, like us, are eagerly awaiting the launch of Garmin's sexy-looking nuvifone offering that's due for a Q3 debut, you may be interested to hear that possible pricing and availability has supposedly been leaked in the US.

The nuviphone, the first phone from the satnav company, is a 3.5-inch touchscreen mobile with full-fat Garmin GPS navigation, 3.5G connectivity, Wi-Fi, media player and 3-megapixel camera in a not bad looking package.

American blog Engadget claims to have received a screenshot that a reader received as part of a Garmin consumer survey process that suggests the company are testing the market for pricing levels.

The question asked was: "Now, how likely would you be to buy the Garmin nüvifone (for yourself or as a gift) if offered by AT&T for $499.99 with a two year contract? You would be required to have both a data plan that would include unlimited Internet browsing and unlimited Navigation for $19.99 per month and one of the standard voice rate plans for a monthly fee."

We got in touch with Garmin here in the UK for comment and to see if we were any closer to hearing more info on this side of the pond and were told that the company "will neither confirm nor deny" the American AT&T availability or pricing.

The Garmin spokesperson did confirm that they are currently "in talks" with European carriers and that the phone is still on schedule for a Q3 launch, but would not provide any further information at this stage.

Our American Garmin contact gave us the same response: "That Engadget article is just a rumor. Garmin has not released any official information regarding pricing or carriers of the nuvifone."