(Pocket-lint) - Asus has officially confirmed that its next Zenfone will launch on 12 May.

In the launch teaser Asus does give something away with the tag line 'Big on performance. Compact in size'. That clearly suggests we should expect a powerful phone, but perhaps one that's not as big as some of the other Android flagships on the market. 

Here's everything you need to know

When is the Zenfone 8 launch?

Asus has set the date for 12 May, with the event scheduled for 18:00 BST. Here are the international times for your reference:

  • San Francisco - 10:00 PDT
  • New York - 13:00 EDT
  • London - 18:00 BST
  • Berlin - 19:00 CEST
  • New Delhi - 22:30 IST
  • Tokyo - 02:00 JST, 13 May
  • Sydney - 03:00 AEST, 13 May

How can I watch it online?

We have embedded the video at the top of this page for you to watch the event live.

AsusAsus confirms ZenFone 8 launch: Mark your calendars for 12 May photo 2

What to expect from the Zenfone 8 launch

In the past Asus' Zenfone hasn't always been that small and it looks like that's the route that's being pushed for the Zenfone 8.

Asus has been running a teaser campaign for the Zenfone 8 and so far pretty much everything has pointed to the compact nature of this phone. There have been some more revealing details: IP68 water protection was hinted at in one tease, while a 4000mAh battery was in another. Asus has also confirmed a 3.5mm headphone socket.

We're expecting a Snapdragon 888 device - again hinted at in one of the teases - but there's still a lot we don't know about this device, except that it's unlikely to have a flip camera. That's because all the teaser images use a phone outline with a punch hole in the display.

All will shortly be revealed and we'll bring you all the details when that happens.

Writing by Cam Bunton. Editing by Chris Hall.