Asus is planning to reintroduce its laptop dock for the next Padfone device, most likely the Padfone X soon to arrive for AT&T in the States.

The keyboard segment has been spotted in an FCC filing that even publishes pictures of the dock being tested. It will basically, like older Padfone concepts, turn the smartphone into a fully-functioning notebook computer, alongside the already known tablet extension.

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Unlike the laptop conversion kit with former Asus devices though, it is understood that the new keyboard dock will be thinner and dispense with a standalone battery. You won't be able to charge your phone with the dock, so you'll have to rely on the one in the Padfone X itself.

An SD card slot is also absent, but there is a smaller battery cell inside (450mAh) that is used to power Bluetooth connectivity and the multi-touch trackpad.

More news on the new Padfone and its accessories is expected for Computex in Taiwan next month.