It's CES 2014 season, and that means plenty of teasers along with it. 

Asus has released its second teaser for the early-January tradeshow, this time hinting at smartphones in  4-, 5-, and 6-inch variants. Titled "What's your number?" the teaser takes place in Asus' home city of Taipei, Taiwan. 

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Balls begin dropping from the sky, with numbers four, five, and six printed on them. From this we can gather the screen sizes of the smartphones Asus has plans to release. It will mark a further push by Asus into the phablet market, an area increasing in popularity among consumers. 

Asus' press event will take place on 6 January where announcements will be made official. The company is also expected to release a tablet-convertible device that's comprised of two parts and runs both Android and Windows operating systems.