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(Pocket-lint) - The Asus Fonepad first appeared at Mobile World Congress in February. The giant phone and tablet combo, which has a huge 7-inch screen as well as the ability to make calls, is priced at just £179. 

Pre-orders for the tablet will start on 12 April at Carphone Warehouse, Amazon and Sainsbury's. It will go on sale on 26 April.

We had a play with the device at MWC and were impressed with its build quality and looks. The included Intel Atom Z2420 processor isn't the most powerful out there but certainly offers enough grunt for movies and videos.

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Android 4.1 is also included and that 7-inch HD screen uses IPS tech. Expect it to be as good as the rest of Asus's tablet screens. In terms of memory, you have 16GB to play with alongside the usual microSD expansion.

“It is ideal to have a larger screen with entertainment, social media and other online activities now playing an increasingly important part in our mobile lifestyles,” said Jonney Shih, ASUS Chairman.

We aren't sure exactly how big Shih's pockets are, but cramming this 7-incher into our trousers and going for a night out would result in trouser and tablet breakage. 

What the Fonepad is likely useful for is those moments when you don't have a smartphone and just need to make a call, or for those who rarely call with their phone. This way you can take one device out with you and still reap the benefits of a bigger screen. 

The affordable price puts it directly in line with the Nexus 7, also produced by Asus. For some, this SIM-capable alternative might be just perfect. Either way, it's going to be out there for you to buy from 26 April.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.