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(Pocket-lint) - The Asus Fonepad is, well, it's a bloomin' huge sorta-phone, sorta-tablet device. Think Nexus 7 with a SIM slot that you could make calls from. We say *could* because, after handling the 7-inch device, it's clear that you'd look totally bonkers in doing so.

Still, from what we've seen this is a rather lucrative device. It's very similar in size to the aforementioned Nexus 7 and, while it doesn't have the rubberised back of its Google friend, the faux-brushed back panel does look rather cool - we've shot the champagne gold model here - when viewed from behind. 

Pocket-lintasus fonepad pictures and hands on image 1

The finish is light at only 340g, yet the quality - considering the 16GB model's incredibly appealing £179 price tag - is high. Yes it's plasticky, but unavoidably so for so few pounds. It's a serious price point that's going to give this device massive appeal, as much as it's all too easy to mock its name and phone status.

It may be hard not to think of Dom Joly on Trigger Happy TV - "Hello?!" - but having a 3G tablet that's able to make video calls at this price point? It's got to be a no brainer for plenty.

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Power-wise the Intel Atom Z2420 processor isn't going to blow your socks off, but for watching videos, browsing, listening to music and making calls you won't want much more. And, if you did, then there are plenty of other pricier phones and tablets out there to take your pick of.

We navigated through the device, pulled up the telephone panel and attempted to learn Taiwanese in our time with this tablet-phone and found it to be an impressive little Android device. The screen resolution is effectively 720p but with some additional real-estate, which makes for decent quality in playback; the viewing angle's decent too, as is the punch of colour.

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The Fonepad's front-facing camera is well placed for face-to-face calls, but is the one and only camera on the device. You won't be able to use it as a dedicated camera as well as a tablet and a phone - but that would just be greedy now, wouldn't it?

The rear camera will capture only 720p video, but there's enough power on tap to playback 1080p video you might have imported to the device.

The Fonepad is 3G only for now - no LTE/4G to be found here - but packs in plenty for the cash. That's its clear selling point: the hugely attractive price.

Writing by Mike Lowe.