Another date for your diary, as Asus has begun sending out invitations for the unveil of its Padfone 2, a “triune” device that combines a tablet, smartphone and keyboard dock.

The invite was circulated by the Asus Italian press agency and suggests two events will be held simultaneously. One will take place in Milan in Italy, while the second will be held in Asus’s own country Taiwan, in Taipei.

Though little else can be determined from the invite, other than that the event will be on Tuesday 16 October, we do get a sneak peek at the bottom left-hand corner of the phone – a virtual back key and home button are clearly visible.

The original Padfone consisted of a smartphone that could slip into the back of and power a separate tablet device that in turn could attach itself to a docking keyboard. 

How Asus will develop proceedings we guess will be revealed on 16 October.