Asus has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it will be launching its Asus Padfone in February at next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The event, titled "Incredible Mobile, Endless Possibilities" will see the official launch of the new phone tablet combination with availability set for later in the year in the UK and elsewhere around the world. 

Asus has also confirmed to Pocket-lint that the new devices will have better features than first revealed when the company showed off a prototype last year. 

asus padfone to get mwc not ces reveal  image 2

The Asus Padfone was expected by many to be launched at CES in Las Vegas, however Asus has confirmed that won't be the case. In fact the company is only showing off the first iteration of the Padfone in a glass case off the show floor. 

We will be bringing you all the news on the Asus Padfone when it does officially launch on the 27 February in Barcelona. 

We will keep you posted.