It's no secret that there are plenty of fake iPhone products on the market, but attend a trade show in Asia and you'll see more than your fair share. There are of course rip-offs of other phones as well, although most of those don't tend to add much in terms of functionality.

In this case we spotted a rather intriguing fake, as this handset from one of the many Shanzai's displaying their wares, actually adds interesting features that we don't expect and will never be added to the real deal.

It's really a simple idea, a keyboard integrated into a protective case with a customised connector for the phone. Although it's not a great keyboard, as among other things, the layout is terrible, it does at least get the job done in a fairly elegant way.

However, the interface to the phone is anything but elegant, as it's using a row of connects that runs nearly the full length of the right hand side of the phone itself.

Apart from this, the handset itself doesn't really have any standout features, but it's interesting to see that the manufacturer decided to call its music player application "iPod", something we're certain Apple won't be all too happy about.

We wouldn't recommend anyone investing any money into one of these knock-offs, but if nothing else, this is an interesting design study into what the iPhone could've looked like with a keyboard.