INQ Mobile CEO, Frank Meehan, has slammed other mobile handset manufacturers saying they are only focusing on big screens and megapixel cameras because they haven't worked out how to do software well.

"Those manufacturers appear obsessed with fighting Apple with ludicrously feature-rich devices – things like four-inch widescreens and 12-megapixel cameras – but only because they haven’t invested in bringing out a strong internet-centric, software driven product to match Apple", Meehan said in a comment piece on an mobile industry website, before continuing his issues further:

"Frankly, none of these so called ‘iPhone killers’ have excited enough consumers to make a difference".

Meehan says that he believes that "neither consumers nor operators have had a great choice in the mass market handset space" citing 2009's most popular handsets, the Samsung Tocco Lite and LG Cookie, both which lack 3G.

Clearly gunning for his own company's brand of internet focused handsets, Meehan believes that like BT and the BBC have revitalised digital content for the PC, the same opportunities are just waiting to be exploited by operators in the mobile space.