An iPhone price war is unlikely to happen says the CEO of Carphone Warehouse in the UK when Orange and Vodafone offer the handset in the coming months.

“I am not convinced there will be a price war. That is a game that only leads in one direction and that is all of them losing. This battle will be fought on other fronts", Andrew Harrison, chief executive of Carphone Warehouse has told The Times of London.

The comments come as Orange prepares to stock the iPhone before the end of the year ending a 2 year exclusive run from competing operator O2.

Consumers are hoping that the French owned operator will be forced into a price war alongside Vodafone when it starts stocking the iPhone in 2010 to lure customers away from O2.

According to the article, Orange has already received 125,000 pre-orders for the handset from Apple as customers, unhappy with O2's coverage and recent data network crashes, look to move away from the service.

At the time of the announcement O2 said:

"We always knew that iPhone exclusivity was for a limited period of time, but our relationship with Apple continues and will be an ongoing success".

"We also offer award-winning customer service and benefits, which is why more people choose O2 than any other network in the UK", says the operator.

Expect tariff wars to get heated.