Altec Lansing, the company which provided the speakers for the Woodstock festival in 1969, now makes a range of iPod docks called InMotion, and they've just announced a new one called the InMotion Classic.

The "Classic" bit appears to refer to the styling - which harkens back to the late 70s and early 80s with sharp angles and clean lines. The big handle which sits on top of the product can even be moved to the top so that the dock takes on the appearance of a (small) boombox.

The dock can hook up to your iPod or iPhone, but also has an auxiliary input for connecting any other audio source. Lastly, if you're tired of your own music, there's an FM radio onboiard with 4 station presets available.

It has a remote control, and carries an internal battery that should last for 6 hours on a 1 hour charge. It's shipping right now, and costs £120 from Apple stores, or £130 from John Lewis and Dixons.