Apple has made a new service to registered iPhone developers called the App Store Resource Centre. The centre is designed to help developers through the steps required to submit, gain approval and manage the applications they create and place on the App Store.

Analysts have labelled it a reaction to the growing displeasure amongst the developer community about the labyrinthine process of app approval. Apple said in the email announcing the service that it's a place for questions and guidance.

But one developer, speaking to Ars Technica, said that it was "useless" - "a collection of documents that were already out there, just condensed into one place". He said that Apple "didn't really fix anything that was broken" and has "done nothing as far as I'm concerned".

Another developer added that what the community needs is a list of criteria with examples of what the company has rejected applications for in the past. He also called for a page to be provided detailing how far individual applications are through the approvals process.

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