If you've currently got one in the oven, or are planning to do just that, then there's a new iPhone app that claims to give you a glimpse of what your offspring will look like.

Taking an image of "mom" and dad, the app uses "complex facial mapping and recognition algorithms to generate the most realistic looking babies possible".

BabyBuilder’s facial mapping and recognition technology focuses on key facial features such ears, eyes, nose, mouth and chin, the distance between those features, as well as skin tone to provide a pic of what it calculates your new arrival will look like.

As well as future moms and dads, the app can be used for comedic purposes - visualising the offspring of celebs, or "a 'hottie' or 'nottie' at work or school, or ANYONE you can get a quality picture of" says the app's makers.

When created, the virtual baby can fart, spit up milk and move its eyes, as well as get uploaded to various social networking sites. The app is available to download now from the App Store.