Fiddling with anything whilst driving ain't a great idea, but for those who do, with their iPhone or iPod touch, well, there's an app for that.

The "PlaySafe" app simplifies the process of playing music on your Apple touch device when in the car (or presumably anytime for the lazy), therefore making you less likely to plough through a superfluity of nuns on a zebra crossing.

Available now in the iTunes App Store, priced at 99 cents, the team behind the app (who must feel a little lucky to get Apple approval) says, "instead of fiddling with tiny onscreen controls, we’ve made the whole screen one giant button".

When the app is running, tapping anywhere on the screen pauses the music while a left or right swipe skips tracks. Apparently, "it’s so easy you can do it without looking at the screen". Just don't try the same with the windscreen.