Another instance of an exploding iPhone has been reported in France, following previous, similar incidents across France, Britain, Holland and Sweden.

The reports - that have allegedly seen various iPods and iPhones combusting in a manner of ways - have prompted an EU investigation via its product safety system asking for details of such events, which may lead to a wider investigation.

The latest report comes from Yassine Bouhadi, a 26-year-old security guard from Villevieille, near Nimes, who says: "I was texting my girlfriend like I do every day when the phone made a noise like 'schplok'. A little bit of screen hit me in the eye and I had to remove it with a tweezer".

Prior to this Romain Kolega, a French teenager, was injured when his girlfriend's iPhone "exploded into shards after beginning to 'crackle and pop like a deep-fryer'".

Other incidents encompass an iPod touch in Liverpool, an iPhone catching on fire in a car in Holland and a similar case with an iPod and a Saab motor in Sweden.