SlingMedia has updated its SlingPlayer Mobile app for the iPhone bringing with it a number of new features however falling short of 3G connectivity as rumoured.

"We submitted another version of the app that works on 3G that is intended for the rest of the world [outside the US]. We have not heard back from Apple on that app yet, and will keep you posted," a spokesperson for the company told Pocket-lint.

In the meantime users of the current version will be able to get the download, which is still Wi-Fi only from the App store from Friday in both the UK and the US.

New features to version 1.1 include true 16x9 widescreen support that stretches the entire width of the screen, an improved remote control interface, faster connection, channel change, and remote control response times, new channel logos in the UK, and page up and page down now work on the D-Pad screen for Sky users.