iPhone customers in New York and New Jersey have found themselves without the ability to hear anyone at the end of the line following a fault with the 3G network on Thursday.

The network issue, which can be fixed by switching from the 3G network down to a 2G network, affects all customers in the New York and New Jersey area.

The problem affects customers not being able to hear callers at the other end of the phone - although they can hear them.

"Our technicians are working on an equipment issue that has caused intermittent delays for some customers in making or receiving wireless calls.  This is in parts of New York City and in northern New Jersey," a spokesperson for the company told us.

AT&T customer support says they are working on the issue, however at the moment they don't have a timeframe for when customers will be able to revert back to the 3G network.

The news comes as AT&T has announced that it is upgrading its network coverage in both New York and San Francisco.

We will keep you posted.