Audio streaming application ipadio has launched an iPhone app which allows users to stream audio live to the web. You can also record up to 60 minutes of higher-quality audio to publish later on.

SpinVox is involved - ipadio's using the company's speech-to-text service to allow callers to produce titles, tags and transcripts of an audio stream. You can also upload photos, geolocate and spam out links ("share") to Twitter, Facebook and blogging platforms.

ipadio's CEO, Mark K Smith, said: "From the day we launched, ipadio's iPhone users let us know in no uncertain terms that audio quality is paramount to them, and so here we are - up to 60 minutes call time at high quality. But we've decided not to stop there, and we hope that optional SpinVox conversion plus all of the rich functionality that can be managed from the web account will make ipadio a valuable addition to the serious blogger's toolset".

The application is available in the App Store right now, and it's free.