The iPhone has become the most popular camera on Flickr as more and more people share their images with the social networking service on the go.

In what is likely to be sad news to professional photographers gunning for quality over quantity, the camera phone with its 2 megapixel and 3 megapixel (3GS) has surpassed the leading standard camera - the Canon 400d - as the most popular camera on the site.

While the Canon 400d has taken a tumble as newer models are launched the iPhone seems to have gained a massive increase in usage on the site following the launch of the iPhone 3GS and price drop of the iPhone 3G in the US.

However, while the site says that mobile phones are underrepresented in the graphs, Flickr does point out that the iPhone model includes all three models of the mobile phone, giving it a possible unfair advantage against other models in the table which are singular.