Though you might find it hard to believe given recent media coverage, not every App sent to Apple gets denied. The vast majority are allowed through without let or hindrance. Today, you can add GPush from Tiverias Apps to that list.

The application, as previously reported, allows iPhone users to get GMail notifications on their handset via "push". The regular "pull" checking approach that the handset uses by default that can take up to an hour - according to the app's creators - to notify you of a new message.

A number of options let you configure the application, including the ability to have the phone vibrate or ring when you get a new message, and the ability to get the number of unread emails displayed in the corner of the app's icon.

Intriguingly, the co-founder of Tiverias Apps is quoted in the press release as saying he's surprised that the app was accepted into the app store: "With all that is going on with Google, Apple and the FCC, we are pleasantly surprised GPush was accepted into the App store".

The app costs 59p, not 79p as we'd previously guessed, and is available in the iTunes App store now.