Music industry sources are claiming that Apple execs are planning one of the company's famous keynote events for the week of 7 September. We don't yet know the exact date, or what the company will be unveiling.

Given that the music industry is involved, it could be a detailed preview of Apple's "Cocktail" album format, which has met with a mostly lukewarm response from both analysts and the major labels - who are planning their own competing format.

It could also be the refresh of the company's MP3 players to include cameras, which has been rumoured for some time and all-but-confirmed by the appearance of a multitude of cases with cameraholes in.

It could even be the infamous Apple tablet PC, though some are saying that the product won't see the light of of day until 2010. If nothing else, with the Zune HD arriving on 15 September, it seems possible that Apple just wants to rain on Microsoft's parade with some inconsequential upgrades to the iPod range.