Athentech Imaging has launched its "Perfectly Clear" application for the iPhone, which promises to let you retouch your photos on Apple's flagship handset without having to download the pics to your computer first.

Several sliders are offered, including contrast, colour vibrancy, sharpening and tint, and there's also a "perfect exposure" auto optimization option. The company behind the app is also responsible for the image correction software in more than 50,000 photo kiosks across the US.

Athentech President Brad Malcolm said "We're very pleased to be able to offer our elegant image correction technology in a 'one click' app for some of the most advanced, exciting new technologies that have been developed by Apple. iPhone and iPod users now have easy access to the most advanced, exciting picture enhancement solution available anywhere".

The software is currently only available on the iPhone, ignoring many high-end cameraphones. We're sure that owners of handsets like the C905 and the Pixon would love similar functionality for their mobiles too.

The Perfectly Clear application is available now from the App store and costs £1.79.