Apple and Nokia are planning to go head to head with the launch of mobile phones with built-in pico projectors, reports suggest.

Taiwanese news source DigiTimes reports that a company called Foxlink, a subsidiary of Apple's iPhone manufacturing partner Foxconn, is currently developing its own micro projector tech.

It's thought this technology will make its way into integrated devices as early as this year with Apple due to offer an iPhone projector and Nokia presumably an N-series device with projection.

The mini projectors would see the new handsets capable of projecting images and video, usually in VGA resolution, up to around 60 inches.

DigiTimes states: "International brand vendors, including Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Apple, reportedly all plan to launch handsets with built-in micro projectors by the end of this year, indicated the sources, adding that Foxlink is likely to benefit from the emerging trend due to its strong business relationships with Nokia and Apple".

Samsung has already announced one pico projector handset, the I7410, that was revealed for the European market at this year's Mobile World Congress event.