Palm Pre owners will no longer have one up on iPhone users following the launch of a bolt-on wireless charging accessory for the Apple iPhone.

Although BlackBerry users have already been able to enjoy wireless charging for some time, the company behind the technology, WildCharger, has created a silicon skin for the iPhone and iPod touch so users can ditch the wire in the box - well for charging anyway.

Embedded into the back of the protective skin the WildCharge contact module makes an electrical connection with the surface with a specially designed pad that you put on a table or desk.

The new system is available in July, with the iPod touch version already shipping in the US. Users will be able to choose from a bundled starter kit that includes a charging pad and iPhone or iPod touch skin. It will cost $79.99. Alternatively for those who've already got a charging pad or merely want more skins, they are sold separately for $34.99.