Complaints have poured in to Pocket-lint about the iPhone's battery life since the 3.0 update was applied. Some users are reporting that their phones are getting hot and draining as fast as 20% per hour with zero use.

"Before the upgrade to 3.0 I would have plenty of battery life to get me through the day and through about half of the next day. Now I am lucky if I have enough battery life to make it through the day. Drastic reduction in battery life", said Jonathan Parker, from the USA.

"I've now resorted to turning all the connectivity side of the phone off (no 3G/Wifi/Bluetooth and have turned off push email) in the hope of regaining a few precious hours of battery life", said Ross Rayner-Brown from the UK.

"I disabled Push for my Exchange account, and now the problem is solved", said Vinicius Paceka from Brazil. The same sentiment was shared by a couple of other users, seeming to indicate that this is a bug in the Push functionality, not a hardware problem.

Apple has yet to respond, despite promising us that they were looking into the situation. We've given the company another prod and will update you as and when we hear anything back.

In the meantime, has turning off Push fixed your iPhone 3.0 battery life problems? Let us know in the comments.