Pocket-lint has learnt that a number of iPhone 3G users are seeing battery life trouble since upgrading to the 3.0 firmware. It doesn't appear to be affecting all users, but some note their handsets getting hot and suffering severely reduced lifespan.

The problem was reported initially by users of the leaked 3.0 pre-build, and put down to it being a beta version, but it appears to have made it into the final release.

"My phone seems to be using about 10% per hour", said one user, with another saying "If you hold the phone near a Speaker then you can hear the phone is constantly transmitting on the GSM radio". Another user told Pocket-lint: "My battery's showing 20% remaining - it was fully charged five hours ago, and I've barely used it".

Apple told Pocket-lint that it isn't an issue that the company is aware of, but that it would be looking into and getting back to us. At the time of writing, that response hasn't materialised, but we'll keep you posted of any updates.