Music streaming service We7 has announced that it's developing an iPhone and Android application so that users of those phones will be able to listen to ad-funded free music on the go.

CEO Steve Purdham told Pocket-lint: "The first version of the We7 iPhone application basically extends the We7 user experience. Its prime function is to deliver your Playlists that you have created together with Featured Playlists Charts, Summer Specials etc etc and access these on the road".

The streams will be the same quality as from the We7 website, and there'll be album and song search options. We put it to Steve that Apple might not permit a service that "upgrades" the default iTunes experience by removing the cost. His response:

"To be fair, we have not had any experience of blocking and with Last.FM and iMeem there are already good examples of good music streaming applications. We have to go through all the paperwork like everyone else and that is one reason that we are being cautious regarding general availability".

One feature that there's no mention of in the We7 application is any form of offline playback. As that's the killer feature for Spotify's mobile applications, it'll be interesting to see whether We7 replicates the functionality.