Apple has launched a new feature for iPhone owners at its WWDC event - a "Find My iPhone" function that works in a similar way to Palm's "remote wipe" feature on the new Palm Pre.

For those moments where you get that sinking feeling realising you've misplaced your Apple mobile, the feature, sadly only available to paying Apple MobileMe customers, will let owners track down their missing mobiles.

The feature will let users track where their iPhone is using the handset's GPS functionality, and will let them send a message to their iPhone which will bleep loudly, even if the phone is set to silent.

If the bleeping doesn't locate the phone down the back of the sofa, or the message doesn't prompt a stranger to return the phone to you, Apple has a failsafe built it.

It is offering a remote wipe service that will automatically delete all your personal info from the device. And if it does turn up? Plug it into iTunes and all your stuff will be restored.