No doubt buoyed by the success of the iPhone's accelerometer, Apple is looking at ways to control its iPhone with movement, and for the handset to become "movement-aware", patent filings reveal.

Such controls are along the lines of motion-based gestures (such as flicking the phone to move through a contacts list) which will be thanks to possible built-in gyroscopes, while proximity sensors and even light sensors are also mentioned.

Apple's patent also considers the difficulties of using the phone's controls if the user was in motion with one potential solution being the phone's UI changing if it detects you are jogging or running.

An example given is to make an icon or text on the phone's touch sensitive screen larger, so it's easier for the user to press whilst in motion. That, or don't try and use your phone when you're pegging it down the road.

Interestingly, the patent depicts the iPhone with a front facing camera, something another recent Apple patent - for a video answering machine in iChat - might be able to make good use of.

Thanks L.Rawlins for the tip.