Apple is due to reveal the latest version of its iPhone operating system later this month.

According to the US blog Engadget, and the FT's San Francisco correspondent, Apple has started informing press in the States that it will unveil iPhone 3.0 on 17 March.

The new release will also see a brand new version of the software development kit (SDK) for the mobile platform which could mean developers have the ability to run applications in the background.

Apple last updated the iPhone's firmware in January which was more of a bug fixing update than anything groundbreaking. Previous to that, 2.2 was released in November and brought some new features.

Presumably the jump from 2.2.1 to 3.0 signifies a significant update, rather than more tweaks.

Apple in the UK has confirmed to Pocket-lint the event is US only.

We will keep you posted. Thanks to Jenis for the tip.