Apple may soon be preparing to launch the iPhone on Verizon Wireless in the States, 9to5Mac reports.

This move would be significant for the industry - as well as consumers - as Apple's iPhone business model in the US has so far been a single operator deal with AT&T.

This is similar to the set-up we see in the UK, where O2 has the iPhone exclusive, and may mean AT&T's rumoured 2-year exclusivity deal is soon due to end.

9to5Mac's apparent Verizon insider source suggests that Apple will be announcing iPhones for Verizon Wireless sometime in 2009.

Negotiations between Apple and Verizon are said to be "ongoing" with the to companies apparently keen to get something on paper by the end of the year.

Although in most major regions Apple has stuck to a single operator scheme, the iPhone is offered through multiple carriers in some areas, such as Hong Kong.