Freeplay - those guys with the wind-up radios - have shown off a collection of new products at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The TuffCharge Solar is a neat case that you slide your iPhone into, providing plenty of extra protection whilst also giving you an additional 1400mAh battery, so doubles your battery life.

But this being Freeplay there is a twist in the form of a solar panel on the back. This means that if you live in sunny climes you’ll be able to trickle charge your iPhone whilst out and about. A line of LEDs on the back let you know the charge status of your case.

The solar panel takes 11 hours to fully charge the TuffCharge battery (given ideal conditions). Your connections also feed-through, so you’ll still be able to sync your iPhone whilst in the case.

It does add an additional 81g to the weight of your phone however, but at least you can charge your phone whilst on the beach.

Coming in black or white to match your iPhone, it should be available in September for £49.99.