So we've seen some weird apps for the iPhone, and some useless ones, but the new iGirl app frankly just gives us the creeps.

With the rather ominous tagline "She obeys", the iGirl app will set you back just 59p and provide you with your own "virtual girl friend" to enjoy on your phone.

Aside from being able to change her hair colour, clothes, ethnicity and hair colour, you can also make your virtual woman dance for you and tickle her by "touching" her.

The description also says you can shake your iPhone to "see how the iGirl reacts". Interesting.

While we'd hope anyone actually wanting to download this would be doing so purely for a bit of a laugh, the comments in the reviews section only adds to the weirdness. Requests for improvements include "more titilation" and "more interaction".

Perhaps you'd get more of what you're looking for from a real person? Just a suggestion.