Apple has been pushing itself into the gaming arena more and more recently, particularly with games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, if the patent above is anything to go by, they could well be looking at taking it even further still.

The new patent filed recently is for a motion-sensing remote control, that seems to behave very similarly to Nintendo's Wii Remote.

Apparently, the device will be better equipped to deal with poor lighting conditions than the WiiMote, as the patent states: "Some remote control systems use infrared (IR) emitters to determine the position and/or movement of a remote control.

"Such systems, however, often experience a common problem in that they may not be able to distinguish desired or predetermined IR light sources from undesirable environmental IR sources, e.g., the sun or a light bulb. Because those systems may mistake environmental IR sources for IR emitters, they may incorrectly determine the position and/or movement of the remote control."

As Apple currently supplies remotes with its other products, it doesn't seem unfeasable for them to be working on a remote that would be compatible with games downloaded from the App Store.

But as with all patents - whether this will come to light and when, we just don't know. We'll keep you updated with anything we hear.