Apple has approved the "Wobble" app for the iPhone, notable as it shows how much more relaxed the company is becoming towards official iPhone applications.

Following the news that Apple is now allowing third-party browsers for the handset, as well as apps such as the fart joke "pull my finger" offering, Wobble has been passed for release, although previously iBoob was not.

The company behind Wobble, that sound slightly surprised their app was passed, states: "Much to the delight of iPhoners worldwide, Wobble can make photos of women's breasts wobble and jiggle in a realistic 3D manner".

Users can select any photo, position the round "Wobble" region over the correct part of the image and then shake the phone up and down, side to side or in a circular path which means anything in the wobble region will begin to move.

This slice of low-brow "entertainment" can now be downloaded for $0.99/59p through the iTunes App Store, where 5000 others have already made the purchase in the first 4 days of launch.