QDOS announced the Jet Skin, described as a highly polished soft skin for the iPhone 3G.

The silicone case is said to, "fit like a glove" on the iPhone 3G allowing access to all controls and connections, including the camera.

The Jet Skin comes with three additional accessories that include a full-size anti-glare screen protector, an anti-static micro-fibre cleaning cloth and a matching earphone wrap with a pocket on the reverse to store the cleaning cloth.

QDOS says the case's distinctive high-gloss finish and the porthole on the back to display the Apple logo make the QDOS Jet Skin "one of the few cases to pay homage to the look and feel of the iPhone itself".

The QDOS Jet Skin for iPhone 3G is available now in black or white for £19.99 from www.qdossound.com.