A service in the States has been set up specifically ro reunite gadget fans with any gizmo they have mislaid.

E-Tracker I.D. isn't the first to offer a tracking service for electronics but is different in that it offers incentives for the finders to do the right thing and hand the gadget in.

Once you have bought an E-Tracker I.D. for your gadget, you can then stick this on your gadget and then if it is found, the finder can call the company or log onto a specially designed website to report what they have found.

Finders get a $10 cash value gift card for returning a digital camera, a mobile phone or PDA, MP3 player or iPod, a portable game console, or GPS device, and you get a $25 gift card for returning a laptop.

A finder will also be entered into the GLF Finders Sweepstakes which offers them a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree every month.

E-Tracker I.D.’s for cameras, phones, MP3 players, GPS systems and portable game consoles cost $9.99 each and come with 2 years of service following registration.

E-Tracker I.D.’s for laptops costs $24.99.

The service is only available in the States at the moment.